Monday, 11 April 2011

Zoe Bradley

Here is Zoe's website.

I was searching for examples of window displays because when I had a portfolio surgery with Gillian Blease, she suggested that I begin to photograph my models with jewellery to give some more examples of where my work could be seen. It would give my images a bit more context. So I thought I'd do a bit of research into some window displays and I found these lovely images of Zoe Bradley's installations for Tiffany jewellery.

These installations seem to hold an intricate elegance in them which compliments the beauty of the jewellery. I think my models such as the swan or the ballerina dress would work well in these contexts.
Su Blackwell also makes installations which are used to compliment Jewelery. A lot of these advertisements seem to be commissioned by 'Harper's Bizaar magazine'. I have seen Jo lynn Alcorn's work commissioned in this magazine as well who I have interviewed. Which I could do more research into and could end up as a potential contact in my client list.

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