Monday, 11 October 2010

Eleanor Glover- Recorded performance of 'The Constant Tin Soldier'

This is an animation of the performance I went to see at the Shadowplay event. I think Eleanor Glover's work is stunning and I especially like the idea of presenting a fairytale as a contemporary puppet shadow play performance. I think she gave herself more leeway to put her own personal stamp on the story and it also got the viewers more involved and kept all of our attention. I love the idea of the puppet show, Eleanor mentioned that 'Hans Christian Andersen liked to put on his own puppet shows' and because she was illustrating one of his tales, I thought it was really appropriate.

Desire to Fly

The Constant Tin Soldier by Eleanor Glover

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A silhouette film. . .

The Little Tin Soldier by Eleanor Glover

I found this lady off the 'Shadow play' event that's taking place in Cardiff from the 2nd- 4th of November, which i'm looking forward to attending. . .

These images are relevant to my work as they are illustrations depicting 'The little Tin Soldier' which is the tale i'm currently working on for my personal project. I think it will be interesting to see how this illustrator approached this. I love to explore shadow play and these silhouettes are very similar to how I like to work.
Here is the website I found this information from.

Monday, 4 October 2010

More Container Plus. . .Hay festival Book installation for Sky Arts. . .

I some of Container Plus's most recent work . . . these lovely book installations remind me of Su Blackwell's and Oona Pattersons work. . . I really love the idea of a book growing or coming to life. . .

Lotte Reigniger

Oona Patterson

Oona Patterson's work very much reminds me of Su Blackwell's, using paper from recycled books to construct these installations out of them. They seem to create little sets which are then photographed with lighting and consist of the same magical atmosphere that Su Blackwell's does.
Her work seems very fairytale driven and I love the close up of the last image-(the little paper mermaids) the use of a mirror? to create a reflection tricking you into thinking it's water from where the mermaid live. . . i think it's stunning and it gives me an idea on how to create an image for my personal project.