Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Kate Slater's response

"In what direction do you see your work heading in, in the future?

Hopefully more children's books, even if I'm 50 before I'm able to do them full time! In the mean time I suppose I'll see what springs up in between. I can't imagine changing my style drastically, but I suppose it could easily happen as I've only just begun. I've also just started working with schools (promoting Magpie's Treasure, mainly) and have really enjoyed it so far, so that's something I'd like to do more of if possible.

Also would it be possible to display this information onto my blog?

Yes of course! I'm just going to go back over the answers and make sure I've not said anything too stupid...."

Kate Slater's response

 "How long do you usually spend on a piece of work?

The illustrations for Magpie's Treasure took about 5 months, although I worked on other projects at the same time. The illustrations I recently did for the Guardian I had one day for roughs, and one for finished artwork - so I didn't get much sleep! It varies incredibly!

Do you have help with the photography in your work? Or do you do all the photography yourself?

I do the photography myself - when I graduated I suddenly realised I'd have to be able to do it, and since then it's been a huge learning curve. Lots of (preferably natural) light and a steady camera is probably my best advice.

When you reach an 'artist block', how do you deal with this problem?

I suppose I plough on if it's a commission and hope to get through it, if it's when I have less work on I try and take some time out, even if it's just an afternoon at a gallery.

When you are faced with really tight deadlines, how do you manage your time?

I make enormous lists. And cross things off. I hate it when I do something that wasn't on my list because I feel cheated out of the crossing off part! I think as a freelancer you have to accept that sometimes you'll have to work solidly with no time off, and others you'll sit waiting for an email to ping."

Kate Slater's response

"Hi Gemma,

I'm soooooo sorry this has taken such a ridiculously long time!
Hope it helps :)

Kate x

What types of things are you inspired by? Are you inspired by literature?

Yes, I'm inspired by nature (that always sounds silly, but growing up on a farm in the middle of the countryside has definitely had an effect!) and books I read, going to the theatre, poetry...

What designers or illustrators do you look at for inspiration?

John Burningham, Isabelle Arsenault, Janet Ahlberg, Nathalie Choux, Lizzy Stewart, Natascha Rosenburg, Sarah Dyer, Sophie Foster ...

What would be the perfect job opportunity?

I'd love to be able to do children's books full time! Hopefully one day...

How do you start a piece of work? Do you sketch everything out first? Or experiment with different papers to create an image straight away?

If it's for a client I have to do rough first so I do draw first, but if it's personal work (for example the Yorkshire Sculpture Park birds) I'm more likely to work with paper straight away. I love finding exactly the right texture for something, unfortunately I have so many mounds of magazines and papers this can take a considerable amount of time...

How do you adapt your style of work from producing work for adult viewers to children viewers?

Not a lot really! I suppose it varies more with content and composition than the actual style. I think I'm veering slightly more towards children's illustration in general, and work I do for adults often involves text! I do enjoy the mixture though."

Kate Slater's response

 "Show content Always show content from stockportnorth@printing.com
Hello Gemma,

Thank you for your enquiry about or calendars.

We can definitely print from your own designs, we can even provided you with a template for the dates etc so can just insert your own images.

Our minimum quantity is 250 and the smallest size we do is A5 (which opens out to A4 size when hung up).

For more info and prices have a look here http://www.printing.com/personalised-calendars and when you're ready to order, you'd like a quote or any more info, please just let me know!

Kind Regards,"

Quotes for artefact

I have looked on Vistaprint and I can get 50 desk calenders for £92.24, Full colour and I can upload my own design and fonts etc. This also includes the binding as well.



Buisness Card Design

James and The Giant Peach designs

final Images for my negoiated project

photograph's of Ellie Glovers work at the Shadowplay Symposium

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Kate slater's (illustrator) reply to my email...

Really glad Kate has replied to email, looking forward to the anwsers she might give provide to the questions I asked her!

"Hi Gemma,

Just a quick email to say I'm not ignoring your questions - just had a busy few days! Thanks for getting in touch and I'll try and answer your questions over the next couple of days.

Best wishes,

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Contacting Eleanor Glover

"Dear Gemma
I'm really busy just now but I will answer your questions briefly.
If you want more detailed answers you are very welcome to phone me as chatting is easier and less effort than
composing written answers. The first two questions would, take too much time to answer now.
The answers below refer to shadow theatre.
Yes, I do use a professional photographer but also photograph my work as I make it.
Materials in the shadow performance are informal when at a rough stage and possibly less so as they develop.
I use cardboards, umbrella joints and very thin plywood. Some part are sewn on by drilling small holes and then wiring or using linen thread.
I also use doweling and plant sticks as handles.
The characters were cut either with a scalpel or on a fretsaw.
Before I make a piece of work I do a lot of drawing, both at a miniature scale and as informal story boards.
Everything is handmade.
I continue with a piece of work until it is finished which may take hours, weeks or months.
If I have an artist's block I try to put the work away and go for a walk round the block, alternatively I
may discuss it with a friend at work.
I think my work is heading more towards further experimentation with shadow theatre
and more drawing.
I hope this is a help, unfortunately I have only time to write these bare notes
however if you want to use them on your blog it's OK.
Best wishes

PS Please send me a few images of your own new work ( re. Tin Soldier) when you have time.