Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Kate Slater's response

"Hi Gemma,

I'm soooooo sorry this has taken such a ridiculously long time!
Hope it helps :)

Kate x

What types of things are you inspired by? Are you inspired by literature?

Yes, I'm inspired by nature (that always sounds silly, but growing up on a farm in the middle of the countryside has definitely had an effect!) and books I read, going to the theatre, poetry...

What designers or illustrators do you look at for inspiration?

John Burningham, Isabelle Arsenault, Janet Ahlberg, Nathalie Choux, Lizzy Stewart, Natascha Rosenburg, Sarah Dyer, Sophie Foster ...

What would be the perfect job opportunity?

I'd love to be able to do children's books full time! Hopefully one day...

How do you start a piece of work? Do you sketch everything out first? Or experiment with different papers to create an image straight away?

If it's for a client I have to do rough first so I do draw first, but if it's personal work (for example the Yorkshire Sculpture Park birds) I'm more likely to work with paper straight away. I love finding exactly the right texture for something, unfortunately I have so many mounds of magazines and papers this can take a considerable amount of time...

How do you adapt your style of work from producing work for adult viewers to children viewers?

Not a lot really! I suppose it varies more with content and composition than the actual style. I think I'm veering slightly more towards children's illustration in general, and work I do for adults often involves text! I do enjoy the mixture though."

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