Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Kate Slater's response

 "How long do you usually spend on a piece of work?

The illustrations for Magpie's Treasure took about 5 months, although I worked on other projects at the same time. The illustrations I recently did for the Guardian I had one day for roughs, and one for finished artwork - so I didn't get much sleep! It varies incredibly!

Do you have help with the photography in your work? Or do you do all the photography yourself?

I do the photography myself - when I graduated I suddenly realised I'd have to be able to do it, and since then it's been a huge learning curve. Lots of (preferably natural) light and a steady camera is probably my best advice.

When you reach an 'artist block', how do you deal with this problem?

I suppose I plough on if it's a commission and hope to get through it, if it's when I have less work on I try and take some time out, even if it's just an afternoon at a gallery.

When you are faced with really tight deadlines, how do you manage your time?

I make enormous lists. And cross things off. I hate it when I do something that wasn't on my list because I feel cheated out of the crossing off part! I think as a freelancer you have to accept that sometimes you'll have to work solidly with no time off, and others you'll sit waiting for an email to ping."

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