Monday, 29 March 2010

Hans-Peter Feldman's "Schattenspeil (Shadow Play)"

I came across Hans-Peter Feldman's shadow play whilst looking on Emma Molony's blog/website. Feldman is apparently someone who inspires Molony and I think this idea is very intriguing.

I love the way the shadows move and overlay each other, you almost become hypnotised as you watch them slowly move over each other, I don't think it ever becomes tiring to look at as there's always a new shadow to watch! I would love to try my own version of something like this experimenting and working with shadows and movement.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Su Blackwell

Here is a link to Su Blackwell's website

Su Blackwell's work is truly amazing. I love the distinctive style to her work. I think her little paper models are genius and this is the quality and excellence that I thrive to achieve in my work.

I love to read and I'm constantly drawn to fairy tales, legends and myths. I've always been interested in making a book or story come to life and I think that Su really triumphs in this aspect to her work. I really admire how she has managed to bring the pages of the books to life through her tiny paper characters which have been cut and actually made from the pages in the book.

It's really interesting to see her work in an actual commissioned format, for example, she has produced work for a Vogue jewellery promotion (I thought her work on this project was breathtaking) and a Harvey Nichols window display (I wish I had found this when I was working on my Ted Baker brief back in January). You can check out more of her work if you click on the link to her website above.

Completely admirable!

Here is a link to su blackwells blog.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Wataru Itou’s Sculptures

Umi no Ue no Oshiro (A Castle On the Ocean )

I love these large scaled sculptures of what seems to be a kingdom made out of paper, they look really enchanting and they are so intricately made. I believe that they are/have been exhibited in Japan (I NEED to visit this!!!).

The warm lighting inside the models in contrast to the cold blue lighting around makes the castle/kingdom seem inviting and enticing. I admire Wataru Itou's patience, (which he must have an awful lot of because some of these models had taken him the best part of 4 years to build!!!) and I love the main focus/theme to all of these sculptures, the fact that they seem to be part of a fairy tale and are just pure brilliant!!

I believe that not only do the sculptures entertain real lighting inside but there is also apparently a paper train which runs through one of them!!!

I would also like to experiment with scale at some point, I'd like to make some huge models like these (almost life size) but then again I'd also find it really exciting to work at a very, very small scale.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Editorial Brief- "How it Feels"

For this editorial brief, we had a timeframe of one week. I wasn't completely happy about the way I had been working for the previous editorial brief so I decided to look back at previous projects as I wanted to experiment with some other styles I had previously looked at.

I focused on my 'Sinbad' book illustrations from first year and realised I'd like to produce work in a similar way, which meant I'd be using material such as jewelery, flowers, leaves, feathers and sequins. In these 3 images I used a crystal necklace to produce the water effect and the snow for the avalanche and I used some stick on gems for the bottom image on frostbite.

The three 'how it feels...' stories that I chose were:

1. The avalanche, where a person gets buried beneath layers and layers of snow and they have no idea which way is up (to get to the surface) and which way is down (further under the snow).

2. Two adrenaline junkies throw themselves off Niagara Falls in a yellow barrel, the scariest bit for them was when the water started to fill up the barrel.

3. A man gets frostbite in his hand and everything he touches is pure agony.

Overall I was really pleased with the images that I had produced, I thought this was a turning point for me. I really liked these images because they seem to have a magical quality to them. I was especially pleased with the Niagara Falls story as it has a lot of movement and I was pleasantly surprised with the results I got from experimenting with a crystal necklace and how I achieved the quality of the water looking like it was pouring down fast and foaming up as it hits the surface of the water.

Editorial in the Format