Thursday, 21 April 2011

Another Design for the Landscape Swan Format

This is yet another design for the landscape image of the swan. I have taken these photos at home rather than in the studio at college, the advantage of this was that I was able to photograph the swan on a different floor. In these two images the models have been photographed on black glass which gave more of the impression that the swan and lilies are floating on a black lake. Also with the flooring being black glass, it produced reflections of the models which are mirrored in it and the light has also reflected which gives the overall look of the image a nice effect, I think it looks a bit more magical.

I have provided two different photos of the same image, the one at the top has more blue tones in it and makes the image colder whereas the bottom has richer yellows in it, making it warmer, as though the sun has risen. I like both of them but I think the image with the yellows works better because this image refers to a happy part in the story as the swan helps the children leave the evil witch and the forest behind. Therefore a brighter image may seem more appropriate at this point in the story.

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