Friday, 8 April 2011

Treasure Chest Image in iPad Format

These three images are my first attempts on creating the treasure chest image. I have one version of the portrait format and two of the landscape.

I think all three images need some kind of floor added so that the chests don't look like they are floating on a black background, plus it might add more depth to the images. Perhaps floorboards or maybe even a floor of biscuits, I will try several out and see which works best...

In the top two landscape images I like the smaller scaled chest in the distance (I'm going to get more angles of the chest when rephotographing so that I can make each one look slightly different).

The text in the very top image seems to work well as a composition. It's easy to read and I also like the angle of the text, I like how it follows the line of the treasure chests. I'm not sure if the shine/sparkle is too overwhelming and overpowering for the image, it seems to be the focal point of the image. I could try making it less bright or smaller to see if that produces a better result.

In the bottom portrait image I have added a photo gram I produced in the past which was created using jewellery. I like the contrast of the silhouette against the three dimensional photography. Although I think I could still mess around with the composition, perhaps trailing the photo gram of the necklace up to the chest to make it look as though it is spilling out.

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