Friday, 8 April 2011

Swan Image for H&G in iPad Formats

These are my first two attempts at the swan image in both portrait and landscape. I really like the contrast between the definitive man-made sculpture of the swan against the natural, flowing lines of the grass. Also the great contrast of the white on black works really well in this image. It has a Japanese feel to it, which I love. I think the composition is working and the use of space seems to be balanced well.

The text is easy to read although I still think it needs restructuring. The first sentence in both images needs shortening, I spoke to a graphic design student, Olivia and asked her opinion on the text and she mentioned shortening the sentences for easy reading, as if they are long it becomes tedious for readers. Since I'm aiming these images at children as well as adults, they need to be able to read the text and be kept intrigued.

I think the overall image is working very well, I like the angle in which I took the photograph but I may re-shoot it on different backgrounds such as a mirror or a black shiny background to get a reflection, which may make the swan and lilies look more like they are floating on a lake.

I have included an image of Jon Klassen's (I spoke of him in a previous post) work with this post because I got a lot of inspiration from his work and I took certain aspects of them in consideration for this image. For example his photograph of the ice sculpture influenced my idea to have the swan and white lilies on a black background which would represent the lake. I liked the sharp clear cut shapes of the iceberg which were in huge contrast against the black background which I tried to replicate with the white shape of the swan and the lilies. I have also added a natural element (the grass), to my image, to add some softer lines and to contrast against the man-made elements.

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