Monday, 25 April 2011

Jo Lynn Alcorn

I came across Jo's work not long ago and I think it's fantastic! I found her when I was searching for designers who advertise products such as jewelery (like in these images) because I was taking Gillian Blease's advice, (an illustrator herself who does a lot of work for the Guardian) on photographing my own work with jewelery to put into my portfolio. I think this is the direction I am going to take when leaving the course as its something that I find really inspirational.

I have emailed Jo to ask a few questions and she has replied back to me, really quickly as well! I'm going to post her response in another post.

I read on Jo's website that she had done work for China and Japan and one of my questions was to see how she got an opportunity like this, as it is one of my ambitions to produce work and see other countries at the same time! (I should be so lucky!)

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