Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The House

Here are two unfinished images of the house, one in portrait format and the other in landscape. The portrait image has a great amount of space to incorporate the text into the image and the text becoming the pathway from the house is effective as it blends nicely within the image and seems to become part of the story. The use of alternating colours of yellow and pink continue on the pattern. I think the eye follows the text easily enough. I do however find that the image gets lost with trees on the left hand side of the image, I think there needs to be more black space, in order for the image to become clearer.

The landscape image seems to work well with the black space above, as it breaks up the trees a bit, and gives them more clarity. I think the blue lighting around the house seems to be effective as it looks like it has a spooky mysterious mist around it. I think the white floor seems to highlight the house yet it seems to be unrealistic and slightly out of place.

Both images seem to have an element of depth in them which I'm pleased about, the bamboo sticks work for the background tree trunks and the trees in the foreground give the impression that the house is being viewed from a clearing. The main feeling they both give is that this house is isolated and is situated deep in the forest which is what I was aiming for.

I think I will have a go at re-shooting the house, perhaps in an environment within an actual forest or with actual greenery to make it that little bit more realistic. I would like to put a light inside the house as well, to make the light spill out from the open door and pretzel windows, which should make the house seem welcoming and hinting that perhaps someone lives in there.

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