Thursday, 21 April 2011

Different Versions of the House in Portrait Format.

These are different compositions of the portrait image of the house, some of them the house is lit up to look more welcoming and one of them has a blue mist around the house which I think gives the image a spooky atmosphere. One of them is where I have taken a photograph of the house close up. I think the composition works a lot better when the the house is photographed further away at an angle where you can see the other side of it as well, that way it is clearer and has much more of an impact.
I have tried different types of text in the image as well. I think the main purpose of the text is to become part of the story which is why I have integrated the text as the path leading up to the house and is the same colours as the sweets. But I think this has made the text harder to read and might not be ideal.
I think for it to work the text needs to be a lot more subtle.

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