Thursday, 28 April 2011

Article on David Hockney's Instant iPad Art

I was researching into the iPad online where I came across David Hockney's exhibition of iPad drawings! Here is the link to the article and video.
This really does prove how much technology is moving on and how much of an impact it is having on the art and design industry. There are new ways of getting your work noticed and out there. I think devices like the iPad have been a huge turning point for designers, for example, ebooks have opened up a whole new way of illustrating for on screen images, graphic designers are now having to come up with a new concept of text layout's for books that are displayed on a screen because the iPad is not a book ( I must remember to keep this in mind when working on my final major project). Animation is now possible and that's another field which has been opened up for animators which could become very popular for children's stories as it makes them much more exciting and interactive.
I find Hockney's idea of displaying his art work on lots of iPad's inspirational and perhaps I could do this for my end of year show?

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