Saturday, 16 April 2011

Images in the iPad Format : Testers

These are examples of how my images would look on the iPad in portrait format, they are still unfinished but I'm experimenting and exploring the scale in which these images fit and how they would look on the medium they're designed for.

I'm a little bit wary that all images seem to be on a black background, this is good in a sense that they all look as though they are part of the same story as they link well with each other but I'd like to get a bit more variety in there as it might get quite tedious to look at.

In addition, thinking back to what Ian Whadcock said to me about every image being a photograph or 3D could also get quite boring to look at. Perhaps some variety is needed, such as images with flat silhouetted shapes. I believe these would look good against the 3D images and could hold intrigue for longer.

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