Monday, 18 April 2011

Paper Origami by Japanese Artists

These are origami figures created by a variety of Japanese artists. I thought this was relevant to the way I work at the moment and was perhaps an inspiration as to how I could create my 3D characters. It's unbelievable to think these models were all made out of paper, the attention to detail is incredible.

I think the reason these photographs work well as images is because there is nothing, other than the one model/element in the image. This means there is plenty of focus on the character and its own detail. The space around the image helps to compliment them as well.

I've always struggled with the human figure in past projects and so far in my final major project I've found this to be the biggest challenge. I'm trying to make these characters look personal and also give them my own slant. I'm finding it hard to design them so they connect with the audience as well. Children are going to have to like the look of them or at least be intrigued by them.

I could perhaps apply a similar technique as in these images to my own photographing of the characters for them to be as strong as these images. It depends on whether I decide to make the characters 'cute' and likeable or to hold an air of mystery about them... If I were to make the characters 'cute', I don't think I'd capture the essence of the tale as well because it's a fairytale by 'Brother's Grimm' and their tales are known to be quite dark.

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