Thursday, 15 April 2010

Text and Image Brief

I have just been briefed on a new project where I will be collaborating with students from Manchester Metropolitan University, they are currently third year students on an English Literature degree and our task is to illustrate their 3000 word short story. I'm really excited by the prospect of collaborating with writers and I find it really motivating because it is a live project and it also means our illustrations will be shown at the 'English Literature festival' which I'm really looking forward to. We have also been given the commission to produce a 15 sec animation after the summer when we come back for third year and this will also be shown at the festival.

I have been given my story "When a Door Opens" by Joanne Key, and I am working alongside Katy Jones. We have the opportunity to choose whether to work together on the brief or to just support one another. I have worked with Katy before on an earlier project where we had to produce an animation and I think we both worked really well together. So I'm thinking that it would be an exciting prospect if we decide to work with each other, however just bouncing ideas off each other also sounds like it would be very benificial for the brief.

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