Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Container Plus- Inspiration for the 7x7 Brief

I thought about looking at some of Container Plus's work (like I have done so with many other projects) and I thought the idea of making words or text and placing it alongside the paper models and real objects and then photographing it was really interesting.

Me and Katy have decided to work together and she was also fond of these images and ideas. We both had corresponding ideas of building our own paper set like Container Plus do, including real objects and then photographing the models in the photographic studio and possibly playing with some lighting effects.

The image with the typewriter (all the little drawings and paper models look as though they are coming to life out of the typewriter) was the main influence for one of the illustrations, we liked the concept of creating all the elements and characters from the story and arranging them so that they look like they are pouring out of the main element of the story, which was the church.

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