Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Charm Bracelet - Another Idea for the 7x7 Brief

Another important element to the story and an idea me and Katy really wanted to pursue was the charm bracelet that is mentioned. We thought it might stand for protection and luck, maybe even relating back to the idea of hope?

So our next idea for the 2nd illustration was to make a large scaled women passed out on the floor (like the real life model lay down in the image above by Container Plus) but we want to make her out of paper and combine drawing and using other materials. For example, we want to get some material and make the huge women look as though she is wearing a dress and have it draping out onto the floor along with her hair...

Then we are hoping to make a large scaled charm bracelet out of material and then with the addition of paper charms (the pram, the crucifix and the heart mentioned in the story). We then want to drape the charm bracelet over her like the Container Plus's image above and make it so it looks as though it's protecting her. These models will also be taken into the photographic studio and we shall play around with different lighting and colours.

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