Thursday, 12 May 2011

Theatre posters on Hansel and Gretel

I have printed out these designs for theatre posters at A2 size, unfortunately I was only able to print them on a much thinner paper and with less shine so the prints didn't have that flourish and rich colour quality the other images printed in the iPad format have. For the final show I will have these posters printed out A2 like these ones or perhaps even A1.

I have done two different versions of each poster ( they have all been printed out) but i thought these are the ones that worked the best. I happy with the layout of the image with the type, I think they are easy to read and are quite eye catching. I think they all work very nicely as a set and the images don't give too much away if it were a performance.

The top poster with the 'Hansel and Gretel' title doesn't quite work yet, as i'm not happy with the word 'and' in the image. It doesn't seem to fit within the image. It looks as though I have just tried to squeeze it in. I tried several versions of the type with my tutor Gary but when I printed it out we both agreed that it still wasn't working. I think this is something I need to work on for the show. Despite the 'and' not working i'm really happy with the composition of the image, the text is encased in the arch of the fire which puts the main focus upon the most important element to the image. I like the contrast of the dark fire and the colourful letters made from sweets, they look like they could melt in the fire.

On my first versions of the posters I was using 'The Palace Theatre' logos instead of the 'Royal Exchange' logo which was black text on a white background. I think the 'Royal Exchange' one works much better as its white text on a black ground and helps it to blend into the background, makes it much more subtle.

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