Sunday, 15 May 2011

Evaluation on the Final Major Project

It has come to the end of this project (well a bit more to do on it for the show) and I think over all I have answered my proposal well for my final major project. I'm really happy with my progress during these past few months and I think my work has moved on a lot since the 'Negotiated Project'. This has made me improve as a practitioner. Even the things I have been really bad at, (time management) being one of them, I feel I really got it together for this last project and produced a healthy amount of work.

Whilst viewing my final images, I think they work as a set for the tale of 'Hansel and Gretel' for the iPad. They match my audience well, as I wanted them to be exciting and intriguing for children but sophisticated and elegant for adults as well. I have managed to create all them aspects in my work whilst sustaining the magical quality to the story. Although I admit that my images do need more improvement because it doesn't matter what I produce, I'm never fully happy with the end result. However the things I do think I have improved on is considering the context and my audience a lot more. By doing this I have now got a proper end result which fits into a genre and it gives the tutors as well as commissioners somewhere they could perhaps see my work suiting or lending itself to well?
One of my biggest improvements has been my time management, as I left enough time to photograph everything and to work on the 'finishing' of the image. Rather than putting all my time into the constructing and making of my models and being completely absorbed within the process that I forgot about everything else. So I think this is one of the biggest aspects to this project I am pleased with.
My three favourite images are the swan composition, the treasure chest composition and the sweet house composition. These images are my strongest of all the imagery I have produced for this project and I feel most proud about these pieces. I think because they are all well made, intricate models that seem to work fine on their own within a photograph. This is something I have always had trouble with before, making something really intricate and then totally over doing it but I think what I have done successfully this time was isolate my models nicely within the photograph where they have been able to breathe and let the space around them compliment them.
Whilst producing work for this project I have began to understand the process of producing work for a client a lot better. I've realised the importance of 'roughs' and the small changes to an image whilst in the development stage that can make all the difference between something you think is finished and to what is actually a finished image.
If I were to have additional time on this project, I think the next step would be to start properly animating the models and develop them ideas which could then become the interactive ideas which would feature upon the iPad. I think my work is suited to animation as I work in 3D and they can look effective in the animation program iStop because of the advantages of the several different angles.
I'm actually excited to carry on with this project and pushing my ideas further and further even after this course. I will definitely be producing more work for the show and I would like this project to be the best it could be, so I think a little more pushing and motivation is in order for me to just keep producing.

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