Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Final images with text for the iPad

These images are almost finished as they are in the right format and the text has been added to them in the appropriate places. I think the size of the text and colour still needs work and on some of the images there is a black line from when I printed off the images, my tutor Ian noticed it and thought it cropped the images too harshly so I think a bit of blurring on the harsh line above the text will improve them quite a lot but overall I am really pleased with the images as sets, they all seem to sit nicely together because they have similar colour palettes.

The two landscape images at the top, are examples of what they might look when you tip the iPad and view the images landscape. I had the idea that when you tipped it either way the images could change slightly, this might make it that extra exciting or hold that little bit more intrigue.
I think I prefer the two landscape images of the woodcutter and the witch as they work better with more space around the figures. They can breathe more.

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