Sunday, 15 May 2011

My images in the iPad format.

These are a few of my images shown on the iPad and where the text would be situated within the image. I have an iPad of my own and I have uploaded the images on it to get more of a knowledge of how they would look on the screen. This especially helped me with being able to decide on a font for the text and the size. The text size is currently size 11 but unfortunately in these images the text is really small so you can't see it very well but it when viewing it on the screen on the iPad it seems to be big enough to read on the screen but not interfere with the image. I also chose a very simple type 'Helvetica' so that it was easy to read and i was advised that the 'Helvetica' font can afford to be made much smaller and still look fancy and intricate whilst being readable at the same time.

My first print outs of the images in the iPad format, the text was perhaps too big and too bright as I chose the colour white for the text and with all my images featuring on a black background this was perhaps too much of a contrast and made the text scream out too much. The two images at the top are examples of me exploring different colours for the texts such as a very light grey or a mustard, ginger colour which is featured in every one of my images so this made them synchronize with each other and they looked more as though they are part of a set.

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