Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ian Whadcock

Ian Whadcock came in to talk to us the other week and had a look at what we were doing for our FMP's, giving us some advice and also some direction based on our current progress. This was very helpful as he is a well established illustrator, who clearly knows what he is talking about.

He discussed time issues with my work and mentioned that my models must take a while to make and to advise me he said be eager to get into the photographic studio because a lot of people will be hounding that studio very soon which will limit my time in there. So I have to take the animation and photographing time into consideration.

He also said I should begin designing the characters Hansel and Gretel very soon because the rest of the models will mean nothing without them. I mentioned struggling to find a way of designing them and showed him a drawing of the two characters that I had sketched and I was advised to make them more 'my own Hansel and Gretel' rather than someone else's idea of them, I should be just as inventive with them as I have been with the house.

Also Ian told me to consider the notion: If everything is three dimensional on every page, that might become too tedious, especially because of the animation and interactions and that maybe I should consider flat silhouettes for some of my images, to break them up.

Overall I think Ian Whadcock coming in was very much worth it and I will be taking his advice on board not only for this project but for future projects as well.

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