Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Finishing the Roof, Door and Chimney!

This is my final version of the house, really pleased with how it is looking; I think the roof works a lot better now that it has been constructed from actual food. I also made the door out of biscuits and replaced the one I had drawn. I think this one works a lot better and the door knob seems to be at a better more realistic scale.

I'm looking forward to getting the house in the photography studio and using different lighting to get a variety of effects/moods. I'm hoping to do this, this week (just as text shots, so I can put this up for the midterm assessment), I have spoken to the photography tutor Rob Dern and he has agreed to photograph it and try different effects on it for me. In fact he has some special people coming in to give a talk and he wants to use my house as an object to photograph during these talks. The EVEN BETTER NEWS is that these guests have brought a £1200 camera to shoot with which means that you can get an extremely sharp photograph. So very excited to see how these turn out!

The next step is to consider the background in the photograph now, the forest and the floor.

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