Thursday, 3 March 2011

Mock up Photos of the House in the Studio

This is my mock up photograph of the house; I've used Photoshop to add the trees onto the image to see how they would affect the space within the image. I think the 2D black silhouettes are working well against the colourful 3D house. The trees look evil and look like they are trying to grab you, which I think is effective against the vibrant patterned/coloured sweet house.

I think the house needs to be more darkly lit and maybe lit from inside/ behind the house rather than all over the house, so that the house will look more like it is situated deep in the dark forest. Also I think the colours red and green might work better for the lighting on the house. Red should refer to the sense of danger, as a warning to the children. The floor and background could look more like a forest. I'm thinking of collecting leaves and twigs for the ground, and perhaps placing the house on a big piece of brown or green card.

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  1. Beautiful peice, i stumbled across this blog by accident when looking on my freinds blog (mr mark mottershead) what an interesting set. how large is this peice?