Friday, 4 March 2011

Cheong-ah Hwang

I've just been looking at Cheong's work, a Korean artist. I think her work is incredible, I'm in love with how intricately she works with paper. Her images seem very realistic and she manages to create a three dimensional look with her images. By looking at these images, it seems really hard to believe they were all constructed from paper which is what intrigues me the most about them.

Looking at these images has given me an idea as to how to go about creating my three dimensional characters, I'm thinking about layering up paper and folding them into the characters. I just need to consider ways of making the body parts separate in order for them to animate.

I like the sense of depth in the Little Red Riding Hood and the Alice in Wonderland image. I had a talk with Ian about creating depth within my images and how it would be quite interesting to play on this in my photographs so when I saw these images it reminded me of what Ian was saying. The trees in the 'LRRH' image help to create depth as the trees that look closer in the middle ground are a larger scale and are more detailed whereas the trees in the background seem to be more out of focus. The same goes for the grass in the 'AIW' image, the grass in the foreground is larger in scale, more detailed and is more vibrant in colour. I could use some of these techniques in my images to create a similar effect.

The image at the top is a storyboard of photographs showing how she constructs her images. I'm very interested in how she works on a flat piece of paper and builds up the image with cut out pieces of paper overlaying them and building them up off the page which gives the image its three dimensional look.

Here is a link to Hwang's website

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