Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Casino Royale Opening (Best Audio)

I think this sequence is amazing! I belive it's really effective and portrays the theme of James Bond really well. In my opinion it's a very complex idea (but this might be to do with me not being technically very good with computers) especially with all the moving patterns in the background (the clubs, spades and hearts) that represented the 'casino' theme in the film.

I really like the slow motion effect that you get when watching it, you still get the idea that this film has a lot of action and it shows that you don't have to make the animations really fast and complicated to get that effect.

I like the idea that when Bond shoots something, it shatters into hearts (still on the theme of playing cards) which might represent the splattering blood and shattered bodies (a nice way of portraying the violence in this film).

I also noticed that whoever made this animation used real materials such as playing cards and then scanned them into the computer. There's a moment in this animation where it actually looks as though a playing card is being shot at, I thought that the use of these 'real' materials made it seem a lot more 3D and realistic.

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