Sunday, 20 September 2009

Personal Photographs Taken from my Garden

'My' garden is my dad's 'pride and joy' and being very artistic himself, this garden has taken him years to create ( he has still not finished!) There are clashes of styles and cultures in it, the main ones being Japanese and Mediterranean, from his Japanese maple trees and trellis to the Mediterranean plant pots and palm trees, 'My' garden has a great feel with loads of textures, lines and patterns everywhere you look.

As a child I was always taken to garden centers and parks which i think has had an influence on me, the one that sticks out most in my mind is Portmeirion in Wales, this place has fantastic architecture and scenery (I will upload some photographs soon!). Stapeley water gardens in Nantwich also has great natural scenery. At the time when i was a child i found myself going insane and i didn't fully appreciate the different aspects to a garden especially when i was made to look at the same plant for hours but now i really appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each garden.

Haha i cant believe I'm talking about gardens! Alan Titchmarsh move over!

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