Sunday, 20 September 2009

Phantom of the opera- nightwish
Phantom of the opera masquerade

I love this film! I have added two clips from the film which have stuck with me since the first time i watched it. I love the atmosphere and the style of the costumes! There's a lot of tension and the use of masks is very effective, in my opinion, not only does it work well with the story but it also comes across as visually exciting!

I added the 'masquerade' clip because I really enjoy the business of it and the way it has been choreographed with the masks and fans to create patterns.

The 'nightwish' clip, has a lot of tension/atmosphere with the candles and mist, it looks like a dream!

I really like the theatre and the atmosphere that is created through an effective set, in my work I enjoy creating scenes or work that has a sense of magic or a certain mood to it.

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