Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Aoyama Hina- A Japanese Artist

Apparently Hina's work can be found in a book by Gestalten, Tangible: High Touch Visuals.

I think these pieces are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and look as though they have taken so long to create, as they are very intricate. They have a strong sense of culture in them,whether it is a mixture of a Japanese influence or styles from around her current house in France. Her work looks as though it has been influenced by Art Nouveau.

I really like the idea of cutting silhouettes or patterns out of black paper but then putting them over a brightly coloured background, like the flower in the lowest picture above. I adore the way the shadow is created behind the flower onto the background, it adds a real depth to the photograph.
Her work looks quite fairytalish and fantasy based another reason why I'm drawn to her work.

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