Saturday, 13 February 2010

Helen Musselwhite

Helen's work is the depiction of a fairytale, it is truly brilliant. Her work with paper is genius, I love it! These pieces are so clever and I admire the way she can create her own worlds even though she works at quite a small scale and all of her models are created out of paper.

I like the third image down because there is no colour and no other detail added, it's just all made out of white paper and the emphasis seems to lie on her immaculately cut silhouettes of shapes. I think her sculptures inside the glass jars are my favourite though, probably because the theme of fairy tales seems more pronounced in them. She seems to have created these tiny worlds inside the glass domes and I love her attention to detail.

I find the way her models have been presented in these glass domes really inspiring and I would be interested in presenting my own work in something like this in future. It also reminds me of Helen Molony's work (my post in January) and how she has created her silhouettees in what seems to be a glass box.

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