Tuesday, 1 February 2011

iPad: Evolution of Books

I think this video is very relevant to my project as it features the eBook 'Alice in Wonderland' on the iPad with animation and interactions. Watching this video was really quite helpful as it showed me what the iPad was actually capable of. For instance, the use of the iPad’s touch screen means things can move when they are tapped and it is also tilt sensitive so it can be tipped which makes objects fall or move around the screen.

This eBook seems perfect for young readers, the inclusion of interactions will intrigue a child and s the iPad can ‘read’ books out loud, they can learn without the company of an adult. I believe it will also make children's bedtime reading much more enjoyable for adults as well as young readers. The pages are vibrant and colourful which really attracts the eye and the yet the text is easy to read. All these aspects are things I should consider when creating imagery or trying to create the interactions and animations.

I have also had an idea as to how I would demonstrate how my ideas would look on the iPad’s screen. I could get a good photograph of an iPad and then print it off (in real size) and make a cardboard cut out/model of one. By filming my hands holding the iPad model, I could touch the screen with my finger which could then trigger the animation on the screen, similarly when I tip the iPad model side to side. This would be a good way of communicating my ideas for the animations and interactions.

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