Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Hansel and Gretel House so far. . .

So far I've been experimenting with liquorice to build the house, but it's proving out to be quite tricky as they don't seem to stand up very well themselves once glued together, so I'm going to have to consider a way of supporting them. I'm thinking of using foam board for the main structure then sticking the sweets to that. That way it will stand up on its own and will make a more distinctive house shape.

I think the liquorice is effective because it has patterns that resemble brick work on a house. The pretzels I have used as windows are effective because it fits in with the German patterns and culture and the story is originally from Germany, which ties in nicely as I intend to include that some of that essence of the story.

I think the cake wrappers in the very top image work well as a path but I think I could develop this further and make them look more like steps and a road leading up to the house.

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