Thursday, 30 September 2010

Masahiro chatani

I found this Japanese designer from looking at a graphic designer called Judy Robinson whose work is influenced by Masahiro Chatani's (mentioned in the book i was browsing through- ' Inside the Box') paper origamic architecture. His work specializes in creating intricate pop up greeting's cards. His silhouettes and the way his miniature sets focus on the shadows that are created, links in with my practice as im currently building a castle for the fairytale i'm illustrating and although i have used other materials aswell as paper, the main idea is very similar to what Judy Robinson and Masahiro Chatani do in their work, which is to create a 3-dimension silhouette that plays with shadow and can be photographed and integrated with lighting but with my illustrations, i'm hoping to create more atmospheric pieces, with more mysterious undertones to them.

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