Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The green eyed monsters makes an appearance. . .

Su Blackwell a contemporary illustrator/3d sculpter (I have posted a post about her preivously on my blog)
I absolutely adore Su Blackwell's intricate installations. I can't really choose a favourite from her archive of work because i think its all really stunning.
She works at a range of scales in but im especially in love with her very small and delicate pieces, this is a quality that i would love to achieve in my work. At the moment my 3d work is at a larger scale and they are not as detailed as Su Blackwell's little models/ characters, i would love to create mine in in this subtle yet distinctive way. Her work seems to have a magical essence and an air of mystery, like it has holds lots of secrets.
Her installations seem very narrative driven and are based around fairytales/novels. Another aspect to her work i'm really interested in is the idea of illustrating a story but presenting it in a more contemporary way. This idea links in with my work i'm creating for my personal project as i'm considering different ways of presenting my images for the tale i'm illustrating/currently working on. I love the way her paper installations seem to unfold and blossom out of the book, I think it's a really nice metaphor as the stories are coming to life, or the story is growing or progressing.
The way she has cut the shapes, silhouettes out of the pages of the book and integrated them into an installation that blossoms out of the book is just incredible and give me the green eyes.
Another aspect to her work is lighting, she uses this to create moods and atmosphere's to her pieces, this is another contributing factor to the magical quality of her work. This subject is what i'm interested in and i'm hoping to use this as a main influence or theme for my future work.

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