Monday, 18 January 2010

Interview with Emma Molony

Hi Gemma

Thanks for your email. i've tried to answer your questions below and hopefully this is helpful for you.
let me know if you need any more info!
kind regards,

Dear Emma,

My name is Gemma and I'm a student from Stockport College, currently studying illustration as a degree and I was wondering whether I could ask you a few questions about yourself and your work? And whether I could display this email and your reply on my blog?
I find your work really intriguing and I'm a great fan of your prints. I love the patterns you have produced for ' The snow queen' project and I'm a big fan of the subject of fairy tales.

I was wondering what sort of things inspire you to produce your images, whether it is environments, artists, designers, subject matters?

mostly stories. things that i read and really like. sometimes it's environments - actually the snow queen all started last january when it was really frosty and i kept seeing all these great ice patterns. and i got snowed in this winter and made some lino prints based on photos i took walking in the snowy valley. seeing other artists work is really important for me too and just going to new environments. you can find inspiration in some unpredictable places. but mostly, i'm inspired by narrative.

And how would you describe your style or working method?

i'm not sure i really have one. i enjoy several printing processes - screenprint, etching, monotype and they all really vary. i do spend time researching though and then i either make lots of drawings directly as monoprints or i do paper cuttings using tiny scissors or a scalpel (in the case of the snow queen, the beastly chronicles wallpaper and the recent Preston Park animated dressing screen). i sort of get absorbed in one project and immerse myself in it until it's completed.

What project has excited you the most and made you want to push your work further?

well i loved setting myself the challenge of making wallpaper - that was a new foray into the more businessy world of design. then with my artwork i loved the Unravelling the Manor project in Brighton - i've always wanted to try and animate and it was great being able to make work about a subject i'm really interested in - basing it all on the history of the Edwardian house. Right now, i'm going to be pushing my work further by creating an interactive wallpaper with the Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award residency that i'm doing at The Art Room in Oxford. It will be a lovely new way of working - using chidren's prints to create a wallpaper and working out the possibilities of magnetic wallpaper too. Working on a project basis like this is very exciting.

I'd like to do more of my own wallpaper in the future too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email, I would really appreciate your input and I wait eagerly for your reply.

Best wishes,

Gemma Beaven

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