Monday, 18 January 2010

Emma Molony

Here is a link to Emma Molony's website

Emma Molony's work is really interesting and I think it relates to my working methods as I like to make models out of paper and create distinctive silhouettes too. I find her work really inspiring as I'm interested in the idea of fairy tales as a subject matter.

Two of these images are depicting the fairytale 'Peter and the Wolf'. I really like the use of a minimalist palette, black and white in this case. I think her strong silhouettes are really effective over a bold pattern like she has done in the first Peter and The Wolf image. It looks like a pattern which has been transferred from some sort of lacey material. Molony likes to print and I think the way she has created the snow through a print from patterned lace looks very convincing.

I'm also captivated by the second Peter and The Wolf image as she has made a scene from the fairytale but she has combined her flat 2D silhouettes with the 3D glass box, I really like the way this creates depth and makes it seem more realistic. I really like the idea of looking inside the glass box to watch a fairytale taking place. It seems a lot more secret and magical.

Another image she has produced in the glass box is the fairytale 'The Snowqueen'. The pattern of the snowflakes against what seems to be a shiny background is really effective and gives the piece a frosty effect.

I think the silhouettes that Molony has created are full of character, I like the top image as she has played with light, shining it through the sihlouettes to create a mysterious atmosphere. I'd really like to produce a set of images experimenting with different lighting and have them as a sort of storyline telling a fairytale, perhaps this could be a future project of mine...

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