Saturday, 27 November 2010

My personal project images

I was really pleased with my feedback that I received from my tutor. Although I am aware that I need to make a few improvements to them. But overall i'm really pleased with the results and my way of working. I like the 3d mixed with the 2d aspects in them. And with some of the images for example the waterfall, I like how its a mystery as to how I constructed the image. I think I have answered my brief well but I think there could still be some improvements in this aspect, I need to put these images into some kind of context, whether its adding text from the story in the image or getting the images bound in a book but I am planning to look into this further.
I need to think more about the cropping of images and try to not overcrowd my images with too many of my models. I need to keep reminding myself that some images work well enough on their own for example the swan. Plus some of my images need to be 'airbrushed' or tidied up on Photoshop.
I did find a way of working that I thought was really effective and that was cutting out silhouettes for example, the fire or the waves and then making then stand up in layers as a set. It seems to add depth to the photographs and I like the shadows it casts I am especially pleased with the fire images and i am hoping to experiment more with this technique in the future.

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