Tuesday, 4 May 2010

More Photos from the Photographic Studio

These photographs of the woman collapsed were an idea for the second smaller illustration. We have experimented with different light, back drop material, colour and different elements such as the 'magic lantern', charm bracelet and candles etc. We wanted to see what looked the best and what elements worked the best when combined.

The top two images were inspired by Container Plus's image of the live model lying down. I really like the element of the charm bracelet as the idea was to make it look as though the charm bracelet was protecting the woman.

Because the story has a lot of religious undertones and the main place in the story is the church, me and Katy wanted to produce a stain glass window effect. The story seems to cover a lot of imagery about light, so I cut out some sharp edged shapes out of card and placed this in front of the projector light. Which is why you can see the sharp, shattered looking window effect projected onto our models.

One of my favorite photographs was the ones where we have created 'God'. The images with the beam of light that seems to draw your eye down to the 'magic lantern' I thought this worked really nicely, as the lantern stands for hope. It looks as though 'God' is looking over her.

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