Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Peter Callesen

The top three images of Peter's work are really simple and yet they are so effective. I think the idea is really clever, especially the image of the man catching the other man. They are quite quirky and have a sense of humor and personality about them that i haven't found in any other piece of work.

I really like how they have been produced, it looks as though the characters or objects have been cut out of a piece of paper but yet they are still attached. It gives the effect of them coming to life out of the paper (or leaving their lives behind in the case of the skeletons).

I like the way the models also create sharp, clear cut shadows which is something I'm interested in experimenting with in my own work (lighting and shadow play).

I think the scale in which he works in is also very interesting, his images always look very delicate and fragile, probably due to the use of paper. I'm fascinated by the amount of different things you can do with such a simple material!

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